5 best Mac software keyboards that will simplify your life 2023

If you’re on the hunt for the best Mac software keyboards for your iPad, our article on top Apple keyboards is a great resource. Additionally, take a look at our comprehensive list of the best Mac software keyboards currently available.

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Whether you have a MacBook Pro or an iMac, there’s a good chance that you could really benefit from a keyboard upgrade. Adding a physical keyboard and an external monitor can help laptop users be more active in making their workspace more useful and relaxing. And, man, your wrists will be thankful.

Even Apple’s well-known and familiar apple Keyboards lacks the highlights and features of the best apple keyboards for Macs, specifically if you like the feel of physical keys.

There are a lot of great options for Mac users, and although there’s no other solution, the six options below should be capable of satisfying the requirements of most Mac users.

  • Best overall: Nikon’s MX Keys for Mac
  • Best Apple keyboards: Featuring Face Id and a Floating – point Keypad
  • Best for comfort: Spark Freestyle Side Color
  • Best camera: Keychron K12
  • Best for the price: True wireless K380 for Mac

Best overall: Nikon’s MX Keys for Mac

Why it made the list: The Keyboard Keys may be the most Mac-like keyboard made by a company other than Apple. It has a high-end feel and is especially useful in setups with more than one computer.


  • Switching between devices is easy.
  • USB-C charges quickly
  • It looks like a Mac.
  • Smart backlit display


Computer keys are not suitable for all

If you like laptop-style keyboards but want a few more features and a bit more comfort, the Logitech MX Keys for Mac will probably meet all your needs. The Mac version of Logitech’s high-end “Master” keyboard has sculpted, concave keys that fit your fingers and make typing more comfortable.

It also makes the knowledge of using the “magic keyboard” even better. The ease with which you can connect to three computers (or a Mac and an iPad) via 2.4 GHz wifi (which requires a USB dongle) and Bluetooth and switch between them using the touch of a button is just another big trying-to-sell-to-sell point.

Best Apple keyboards: Apple Keyboards with Face Id and a Floating – point Keypad

Why it made the list: With more keys and Face ID, Apple’s Cool Keyboard is the best version of the Apple keyboards that Mac users are used to.

Key features :

  • Touch ID 
  • USB-C charging is built in.
  • Excellent construction


Flat, poor keys aren’t the best to touch.

Touch ID only works on M1 Macs.

The new apple Keyboards from magic, which was updated in 2021, has a technology that makes it feel like a beauty again. It has a Touch ID key in the right-hand corner that lets you log in quickly and complete secure sales with the push of a button. This is a function you usually have to give up when using a third-party keyboard.

The biggest difference from a standard laptop keyboard is that the full-size version has a full set of keys and a number pad. If desk space is more important, you can also get the standard compact model. Both have built-in batteries that can be charged via USB-C. Each charge should last about a month.

Why it made the list: The Das Keyboard 4 appears to take some of the gut instinct out of shortcut keys by offering a high-end, off-the-shelf solution with many benefits.


  • You can choose between brown or blue Fruit MX buttons
  • A volume lever, media limits, and a USB hub are all built-in.
  • Thin by the standards of a portable device

If you want a great solution right out of the box, the Das Keyboard 4 Expert is hard to beat. You can choose between Cherry MX Blue switches that click and MX Brown switches that are softer. Other than that, the features are all the same. 

This includes a handy big volume knob, built-in media limits, a two-port USB hub, and a removable “football” that helps raise the keyboard and can also be used as a ruler. The Das apple Keyboards 4 is also surprisingly thin for a mechanical keyboard. However, it doesn’t have brightness, which is a bit sad for a wifi keyboard in just this budget range.

Best for comfort: Spark Freestyle Side Color

Why it made the list: The Spark Freestyle Side RGB is a split physical keyboard that was made with flexibility in mind. It is a great choice for people who care about both comfort and typing performance.


  • Fully split, designed for comfort
  • There are several electrical key converter choices.
  • Packed full of options


  • Sets of expensive Mac keys cost more.

It may be a gaming keyboard first and foremost, but the mixture of a mechanical keyboard and an ergonomic layout on the Spark Freestyle Edge RGB will please anyone who just wants to type as comfortably as possible. The RGB in its name refers to the keyboard’s colorful light sources, which can be changed to a bright pattern or turned off if you don’t want too much of a light show. It has a lot of extra features, like other end gaming keyboards, like macro keys that you can set up for any game or app.

You can choose from four different physical switch types for the Freestyle Edge, depending on how you like to type. However, if you want to swap in Mac keycaps, you’ll have to pay a bit more.

Best camera: Keychron K12

Best camera: Keychron K12 with techhostlab.com

Why it appeared on the list The research will also benefit K12 is small and flexible, and it can be used wirelessly and customized in many ways without costing a fortune.


  • There are many ways to change it.
  • Can be used with or without a cord
  • small and simple design.


  • Some people may not like how small and simple the design is.

You might want to get a compact keyboard instead of a full-size one with a number pad if you don’t have a lot of room on your desk or if you want something that’s simple to carry around and take with you. The Keychain K12 60% keyboard only has the keys you need. It doesn’t have a number pad, cursor keys, or shortcuts, and it fits everything into as little space as possible.

Best for the price: True wireless K380 for Mac

Why it made the list: The touchscreen K380 is thin and has a lot of different features, so it can be used for a lot of different things. It also won’t break the bank.

Top players:

  • Support for more than one device
  • Budget-friendly


Not everyone will like the small, round keys. It runs on batteries.

Logitech’s K380 is hard to beat when it comes to apple keyboards that you can take anywhere and use for anything. It works fine as a daily keyboard for a desktop, but it’s also light enough that you can grab it and put it in a bag with your iPad if you need to work on the go.

Three devices can be switched with the press of a button, just like Logitech’s MX Keys.

However, at this price, of course, nothing is perfect. Like a lot of cheap wireless accessories, the K380 is powered by single-use batteries, which lead to e-waste over time. Still, one pair of AAA batteries will last for a minimum of two years, so it’s not like you have to throw power packs away all the time. It also has keycaps that are round, which some people like but others don’t.

Do Apple computers need a certain kind of keyboard?

You can basically use any apple keyboards with a Mac. If you plug it in (maybe with a Bluetooth dongle) or pair it with WiFi, its basic typing processes will work right away.

How old is the oldest Mac that can still be used?

How old is the oldest Mac that can still be used?

  • Macs that can run macOS Inter – active are MacBooks made in 2016 or later.
  • Models of the MacBook Air from 2015 or later.
  • Models of the Windows Laptop made in 2015 or later.
  • Mac mini features from 2014 or later.
  • iMac styles from late fall 2015 or later.
  • Apple’s iMac Pro (all models)
  • Mac Pro designs from 2013 or older.

Is it worth it to purchase the Apple Keyboards for Mac?

The Apple Keyboards with Force Touch is a typical office keyboard, but the Touch ID feature only works if you have a Mac with an M1 chip. Aside from that, it’s a pricey apple keyboards, and better brands like the Wireless Gaming Keys are usable.

how smart keyboards and Apple keyboards are different.?

The Magic Keyboard is made to look like it is sailing, and you can tilt the mobile upwards of 90 but also 130 degrees with it. The Smart Keyboard Folio, on the other hand, only lets you tilt the iPad in two ways. Apple says that the Magic Keyboard has 1 mm of key travel and uses an adjustable system.