Top 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers In India With Cheap Price 2023

Are you looking for reliable and cheap cloud web hosting providers from India? Finding the best cloud hosting companies that focus on your needs can be challenging. Also, there are a lot of cloud hosting service providers, which makes it hard to compare all of them.

So how do you choose the best Indian cloud hosting service provider for your website? What are the plans that work for you? What factors are you thinking about?

We researched to find the five best cloud hosting providers in India in 2022, so we could answer all of your important questions and save you a lot of time.

This guide will help you look at the features of the best hosting platforms and the reasons why you should look out for them. So let’s start looking at the list!

In 2023, here are the top 5 cloud hosting service providers in India

Every business takes different factors into account before choosing any cloud host. Moreover, as this decision is for the long term, selecting a cloud hosting provider that caters to your business requirements is pertinent.

With this in mind, let’s briefly review the five best cloud hosting providers.

1) Cloudways – Best For Unlimited App Installation And Indian Data Centers

Source by: Cloudways

Cloudways is one of India’s most flexible and easy-to-use web hosting services. They offer one-on-one customer service 24/7/365, quick installation, and clear pricing. It gives you more freedom and control over your servers and apps. You can also choose any server from the more than 60 data centers worldwide to provide you with faster speed and serve your target audience. You can also change servers whenever you want.

Cloudways also offers free SSL certification, Bot protection, dedicated firewalls, IP safe listing, and 2-factor authentication, all of which can be set up with just one click. It really does have a lot to offer.

I also used for my self Cloudways seems to be a dependable and effective web host that will automatically meet all of your needs. This makes it easier for your online business to grow without causing any problems.

I also used for my self Cloudways seems to be a dependable and effective web host that will automatically meet all of your needs. This makes it easier for your online business to grow without causing any problems.


  • 24/7/365 live customer support
  • You can install as many apps as you want, and you can start up to ten of them at once with just one click.
  • 60+ data centers around the world to choose from
  • Free SSL setup with just one click
  • Easy Server Switch
  • Backup and restore with just one click
  • The built-in MySQL manager makes it easy to manage DNS.
  • Prices begin at $10 per month
  • 30 days to get your money back
  • Why do we say you should use Cloudways?

Cloudways is a reliable platform that is known for how well it works and how easy it is to use. It can take care of all the tasks you need to do to keep your server running so you can focus more on growing your business.

2) Hostinger – Overall Best Cloud Hosting Provider In India

Now comes the best thing on the whole list. Hostinger is another platform for hosting websites that works very well. They have different services for different types of businesses and different needs. It can be found on a wide range of websites. Hosting is best known for being fast, cheap, easy to set up, and having customer service available 24/7.

Source by: Hostinger

With its dedicated hardware and CPU, strategically placed data centers, and massive RAM, Hostinger gives businesses a 4X faster loading speed, ultimately improving the user experience. Hostinger also gives every account a free domain name and easy-to-use control panels. Customers also get top-notch security and backup features, and users can get their money back within 30 days.


  • The SSL certificate is free
  • 99.99% uptime with customer service available 24/7
  • It’s simple to switch data centers.
  • Average speed: 99 ms (India)
  • The average time to load is 0.55 seconds
  • 20 GB of bandwidth for free. Free Space to Store
  • Prices start at Rs. 69 per month

Why do we say Hostinger is good?

Hostinger has a low price, a fast loading speed, and tools that are easy to use. It also has the best customer service, which helps users in many different ways to make their work easier.

3-Scala Hosting – Best Cloud-Based VPS Hosting Provider In India

Source By: ScaleHosting

Scalahosting is the greatest VPS-based cloud hosting service in India, and for a good reason: they give cutting-edge security to their clientele. It provides limitless storage space, domain names, and phone assistance.

Compared to more conventional hosting services, Scalahosting is significantly more successful in preventing 99.8 % of web attacks. When a hack happens, it alerts the website owner. Additionally, unlike some other hosting companies, it does not prevent access to the impacted account.

The user receives the alert from the Scala hosting provider, giving them plenty of time to fix the problem. Moreover, Scalahosting provides a free website migration service for its customers.

In addition, they provide lightning-fast performance with entirely SSD storage at pocket-friendly pricing.


  • We offer a free SSL and CDN certificate, round-the-clock online chat and helpdesk assistance, and a guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime.
  • Databases, Email Accounts, Bandwidth, and Websites All Supplied in Unlimited Quantities
  • Super-fast SSD and NVMe server hardware
  • In excess of 35 data centers exist around the world.
  • Backups are performed daily and are free of charge.
  • Data transfers that don’t cost anything and work well
  • SShield activated spam and malware prevention.
  • Prices start at 299 INR monthly with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Reasons Why You Should Use Scalahosting

We think you’ll find its excellent and foolproof security protection, user-friendly interface, and reasonable cost to be irresistible. Scalahosting also includes a simple-to-use yet powerful website migrating tool for its customers.

Hostgator India- Overall Best Cloud Hosting With The Best Uptime

Next up is Hostgator India, which boasts a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. For optimal performance and lightning-fast loading times, it’s hard to imagine a better web server. Hostgator is able to provide its consumers with speeds that are two times as fast as those provided by conventional hosting platforms thanks to its usage of SSD cloud server hosting, low-density servers, high-end technology, and various caching layers.

Its cutting-edge servers and solid-state drives (SSDs) ensure lightning-fast page loads. In addition, Hostgator saves three copies of your website in case anything unforeseen happens and you lose all of your data. They offer both single- and unlimited-domain Indian hosting options, along with round-the-clock availability, a top-rated help desk, and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Source by: Hostgator


  • Open-Source SSL Certificate Giveaway
  • No cost for moving data, backing up, or restoring
  • Disk storage without use of tracking
  • Free website and Cpanel migration
  • Always-available, round-the-clock customer service
  • Lightning-fast operation
  • With a 45-day money-back guarantee and monthly pricing starting at Indian Rupees 79, what have you got to lose?
  • For What Reasons Do We Advocate Scalahosting?

Hostgator is the greatest web host when it comes to speed and performance. With its enormous SSD storage disc, your company may expand by a factor of four. If you change your mind, there’s also more time to get your money back.

5-Bigrock India – A Cheap Cloud Hosting Provider In India

Bigrock India is a place to sign up for domains and host websites. It is the best web host because it offers a wide range of services. With the help of a fully managed server, you can add more RAM and CPU to keep loading times as fast as possible when the number of users goes up.

Also, Bigrock India is the first in the industry to offer access to a highly advanced and easy-to-use cPanel. With the help of top-notch Varnish caching, a website will load very quickly.

Bigrock India also focuses on risk management to make sure that your website is always up and running. Whenever they find a problem with the hardware, your website moves to a different server. This makes sure that it always works and doesn’t lose traffic. It also has a pricing plan that is very cheap and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Source by: BigRock


  • Free SSL certificate, local customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 99.9% uptime
  • 2 GB RAM, 2 processor cores
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • Host 1 website
  • Prices start at Rs. 99 per month
  • 30 days to get your money back
  • Why do we tell people to use Bigrock?

Why do we tell people to use Bigrock?

You should keep an eye out for Bigrock India because it uses advanced, easy-to-use control panels and fully managed servers to keep the high loading speed even when traffic is high. Bigrock India also lowers the chance of losing data by moving the website to a different server if the hardware fails. So, they also make sure that your website stays online and doesn’t lose visitors.

Five best web hosting for beginners
2-Site ground
4-Big Rock

Top 7 things to keep in mind to choose the plan
1-Get to know your hosting types. 
2-Determine what your website needs. 
3-Ensure that uptime is a priority. 
4-Make sure that customer support is reliable. 
5-Look for cybersecurity features. 
6-Regular backups are a good feature to look for in a backup plan. …
7-Don’t forget SEO.



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